Sandro Taurisani

Sandro Taurisani

It 'an architect who lives and works in Italy in a town in the province of Foggia, San Severo.

Draw a lifetime, but only now decided to promote their work of "a creator of images" to a wider public. This work is performed with a mixed technique that starts from the pen drawing on a small format (used as a prototype) which is followed by a phase of digital acquisition and processing with the final print in large format on canvas with pigment inks (Epson certification Digigraphie ).

About the content of his work, it can be said briefly that it deals with the "cultural landscape", its interweaving of history, contemporary and future of its charm and its brutality, its necessity and its exasperation, the virtuous aspects and those delusional.

This work is about man, his acting confused and its ability to generate chaos.

Opere dell'autore;
Città implose n. 07
Il Caos n. 06 - 02
Il Caos n. 02 - 2
Capanna Sarda n. 13 - 01
Programmi Secolari di Espansione n.16
Il caos n.01
Il Caos n. 08
ll Caos n. 09
Baracca Polifunzionale n. 14 - 2
Il Caos n. 03
Quale Architettura n. 12
Il Caos n. 02
Il Caos n. 05
Il Caos n. 11
Città  implose n.10
Città   implose n. 04
La città  verticale n. 15
Il Caos n. 06