The Lab

We are providers of unique works, tangible memory, timeless;
we are the creators of what “stays”.

The Giclé Laboratory was born in 1995 from the desire to create a structure for the professional and artistic photography sector.
With this assumption, the study of new printing technologies for art is embraced and deepened.
The intent remains that of rediscovering the press as an emotion, giving the viewer the pleasure of observing and touching the image.
Printing thus becomes an artistic masterpiece to be preserved, knowing that over time its characteristics will remain unchanged and that it will therefore acquire more and more value, like the unique work of a great artist.
The giclee printing technique is the right combination of technology and art and we are one of the first laboratories in Italy to boast the Digigraphie Epson brand and Hahnemuehle certified Studio..

Hi-tec objects, as smartphones and tablet, are hardly entered in our lives, they are an essential part of our living, almost an extension of ourselves. Of course these are extraordinary objects that let us comunicate without barriers. It is incredibile the fact that we can bring with us whole archives of memories that we can browse whenever we wont to. It is amazing. However, this “ability” is lacking of one of the major sense of a human being; touch. There is no emotion, the emotion that you feel when you touch the paper, you do not feel its heat. The perception of the photo print as historical memory is lost. The idea of the photo as a document, a witness of a pst time interrupted in its continuous flow must be revalued. Furthermore, the customer has to perceive the beauty and prestige of the fine art support, and not just the sentimental value of the photo. The customer has to feel the uniqueness of that print, the same which makes it luxury. Here a luxury interpretation: own a thing, beautiful and yours. The photo can be considered one object, finely made, an object capable to tell a moment. This is how a series of products/objects which interpret this philosophy born.