Scan Service

Professional service to digitize negatives with Hasselblad Flextight X1 scanner Hasselblad Flextight X1 
produces full resolution files (16 bit) and can scan the following formats: 
small format: 35 mm (strip or single frame: portrait & landscape) medium 
format: 120 (6 × 6 strip, 6 × 7 single frame; 6 × 9) large format: 10 × 12 cm (4 × 5 ″) 
Except for drum scans, Hasselblad Flextight X1 is the machine that produces the highest quality of scans 
available on the market We recommend exporting the 3F format (.fff), which is the Hasselblad format 
corresponding to a digital RAW file, which can then be processed several times without affecting the 
digital negative. free Flexcolor, which is the software for processing 3F files at this link: Prices start from € 5 per frame, with a 
default setting at highest quality and size pos POSITION RENTAL A valid alternative to save on scans 
is the rental station, making your scans directly here in the studio The rental of the station is ideal 
for photographers who want to manage their films, while maintaining total control of the creative process.
 In this case all the necessary tools are provided: an imac i7 connected to the scanner, 
an EIZO CG series monitor to view the images, antistatic gloves and compressed air and for cleaning 
the negative.Example: a user can perform a number scans between 18 and 25 frames per hour 
(example of a full resolution scan of a single medium format frame).