Canvas Frame

The canvases are exclusively of high quality specially treated for Giclée printing. The back of each 
canvas print is authenticated and signed by the author (copy number, print run, title, creation date, 
contacts in the case of art reproduction).

The illustrations made with the giclee print on canvas are mounted on a special structure with the 
Gallery Wrap system.

The canvas, after printing, is mounted on a fine wood frame with an artisanal process: stretched on 
all sides, the external flaps are turned around the frame and fixed on the back by means of staples. 
Depending on the needs and tastes, two types of frames can be made: the "standard" frame or with "white 
border". The first involves the image covering the outer sides of the frame, so the front side loss of 
5 cm on all four sides must be taken into account. To avoid losing even the details at the ends of the 
image that would otherwise be hidden, it can be framed with a white border.

The frame consists of four solid wood slats. The profile of the wood, on the side on which the canvas 
rests, is shaped in order to improve the tension and prevent it from deforming over time. The result 
is a picture ready to hang on the wall.

The canvases are exclusively of high quality specially treated for giclee printing, such as the 
Hahnemühle Fine Art Canvas 350 gsm. This canvas, for example, is made of pure cotton with a matte 
finish and has been optimized to ensure long life and maximum color brilliance.