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What fine art print is

For Fine Art print we mean an inkjet print made with sophisticated techniques. 
Performed with special inks (solvent and powder), it reproduces the entire tonal range, preserves 
the details in the shadows and highlights and obtains a deep black. The choice of the material on 
which to print is of fundamental importance, it concretizes the artist's intention allowing him to 
better convey the meaning of his work. This type of prints are exhibited and purchased by museums, 
galleries and collectors


Giclé allows you to print photographs, author multiples, graphic creations and art reproductions 
made according to the most rigorous international quality standards and with excellent conservation 
characteristics of the artistic work.
In addition to the giclée printing service (or fine art printing), Giclé can assist you 
throughout the process of preparing and optimizing the images, and provide you with useful advice 
also for choosing the most suitable support.
As for the assembly and presentation of prints on panels and frames, Giclé offers a wide 
variety of professional solutions, made to measure with products of the highest quality and with 
rigorously controlled procedures.

Fine art Technology

The fine art prints of Giclé are made using professional printers: Epson Stylus Pro and Canon Pro series,
 ideal for photography, fine art and proofing with Epson UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta inks, wider color 
range and brilliant and durable results. of these printers and the choice of high quality fine art inks
 and papers guarantee an excellent yield for long-lasting fine art prints The differences in quality 
between a giclee print and a traditional photochemical print are evident even to the naked eye and an 
inexperienced touch.From the fine art prints of Giclé you can immediately perceive at a visual
 level the more intense colors, greater sharpness even in black and white printing, in which a dominance
 of color is completely missing, a print consistency that repeats itself from the first to the last copy.
 In addition to the visible differences, tactile differences are also important: holding a cotton fiber 
or alpha paper in your hand cellulose gives a totally different sensation compared to common photochemical
 papers in plastic material.

Quality control

Giclé carries out and monitors the entire giclée printing process with dedicated hardware equipment.
At the time of printing, the file is converted into the appropriate color profile for that printer model 
and that type of paper chosen.Just to certify the high quality of the giclée print, you can request the 
quality certificate of the prints with the indicated author, , circulation, paper and inks used.

Fine Art Paper

Giclé offers a wide range of paper for giclée printing. Whether they are fine art papers or not,
you can choose between matte papers and semi-gloss papers. The former are certainly more elegant and 
do not produce unwanted reflections. The semi-gloss papers, on the other hand, have a decidedly higher 
contrast of tones.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm

In weight 308 gsm, it turns out to be the ideal fine art paper for giclée prints. It is a type of matte,
slightly textured paper, made entirely of cotton fiber, has a slightly warm shade of white. Due to these
peculiarities, Giclé recommends it for any photographic and artistic work.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325 gsm

Like Fine Art Pearl, Fine Art Baryta paper also has a semi-gloss finish, very similar to traditional 
baryte photographic papers used in an analog darkroom. It too is free of lignin and is made entirely
of alfacellulose. It differs from the Fine Art Pearl for its greater shine and for the decidedly cold
white tone. For its peculiar characteristics (wide gamut and black density) Giclé recommends it
for both color and black and white prints.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Canvas 350 gsm

The Fine Art Canvas, made of high quality pure cotton, is ideal for those who want to give their artwork
an extra touch of refinement. It is excellent for portraits, landscapes and the reproduction of works of
art that require a higher color rendering than other types of giclee prints. High definition prints can
be obtained from this type of canvas, thanks to the coating that covers one side of the canvas that
allows you to better retain the printing ink.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285 gsm

It has a very neutral tone of white, basically cold, which allows it to enhance the depth of the blacks
and all the brilliance of the colors, with exceptional results. It is a lignin-free paper, consisting
only of alpha-cellulose. It was the first fine art paper to have a semi-gloss finish, very similar to
traditional baryte photographic papers coated with silver gelatin.

Hahnemühle Torchon 285 gsm

Its typical hammered or "elephant skin" effect makes it the most suitable matte paper for impressive
artistic prints, such as for printing landscape or abstract photographs, or for the reproduction of
works of art, especially large. This peculiarity of the surface thus gives the image a three-dimensional

Fine Art Epson paper

Epson Enhanced/Archival Matte Paper 192 gsm, Felix Schöller Glacier 300 gsm, Felix Schöller Satin 240 gsm, Felix Schöller Glossy 240 gsm